Freelance Business on Fiverr

If you are just starting to work on fiverr or struggling to make any money on fiverr or just want to make some extra income online, then you came to right place.

In this post I will tell you exactly 5 steps to start a successful freelance business on fiverr and start generating as much income as you want.

Fiverr is one of the biggest freelance market place on the internet. It provides every type of services from logo design to web design or app development.

Alexa rank of fiverr is 150. This means that millions of people visit this website everyday to buy a services. Fiverr is a great opportunity to make lot of money. You can make some extra income by using your skills and giving little time.

Below are five steps to start a successful freelance business on fiverr.

#1-Choose a right service.

Choose a profitable service which has high demand. Choose a unique service which provides high value and solve problems of people.

There are hundreds of services among which you can choose to provide. Al-thought, there is high competition on fiverr but good things is that buyers are often much larger then sellers.

If you have hard time finding a profitable service, then explore fiverr. If you are in tech field then see what best tech service provider are providing. Buy their service and copy their model and sell the same type of service.

You don’t need to know a skill to provide a service in that skill. Like if you want to provide and android app development service, you don’t need to know how to build apps.

This can be done through outsourcing. Selling a service at higher price and hire freelancer at lower price from other sites like freelancer, elance etc to do that job for you.

You don’t need to be skillful to make money from fever. You just need to be a great seller. This is the secret to make massive money from fiverr.

#2- Present your service like a pro.

Your gig’s presentation is the first impression on buyer. No matter how good is your service, if you don’t present it in a beautiful way you will loose lot of potential buyers.

Choose a great image for your service. Video is more recommended then image. Video introduction will make your service look more trustworthy and useful.

Write a beautiful description. Write it as a sales letter. You are selling your service, so you need to clarify following things in your description otherwise you will loose lot of potential customers.

  1. Proper description of service you provide.
  2. How your service will help the buyer.
  3. Your service record.
  4. Why anyone should choose your service.

Successful sellers on fiverr have extremely beautiful and self-explaining description and introduction about their services.

#3-Select right price

When it comes to choosing price, choose it wisely. Starting price to sell a service on fiverr is $5. It will depend upon what type of service you provide to place a right bid.

If you provide web development service then of-course it can’t be done in just $5. It should be between $30 to $100.

You should choose the price of service considering following factors-

  1. How much time and efforts it takes.
  2. Demand of service.
  3. Competition in the market.
  4. Time period for delivery of order.

If you are outsourcing the work, then choosing a right price become little more complex.

For this you can copy a type of service present on some other freelance site and make a same service in fiverr with much higher price. Every time you get a order you outsource the work to that service provider. In this way you can make lot of money in commission.

#4-Choose little delivery time

Starting as new, you won’t be having much order and search rank of your service will be lower.

As a starter, choose the delivery time of not more than 24 hour. As people who provides order under 24 hours are less, it will increase your chance of getting an order.

Some people need to get something done urgently. In this case, he will look for the people who deliver in less then 24 hour. If someone need to get logo of his company ready under 24 hours. He will choose for your service.

As you start completing orders your ranking will improve and then you can increase your delivery time. But for starters it is must to choose as less delivery time as they can.

#5-Collect positive reviews

Nobody will buy your order if you have zero order completed, zero percent positive rating and zero positive reviews. These are things people look first before buying any service.

To solve this problem, you can create multiple fiverr profiles and buy your own service from other accounts. You will only loose $1 as delivery charge.

In this way you can give yourself a review and a good positive rating. Three reviews are enough to gain trust of buyer. This step is very powerful and at the same time most important. This will help you collect your first order.


So, these were some powerful tips to start a successful freelance business on fiverr. Follow these steps and you will definitely get results. If you have any questions you are welcome in comment box.


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