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It is highly probable that if you are reading this, you spend lot of time scrolling through news feeds on Facebook. Just like you and me, there are millions of people more who spend lot of time on Facebook daily.

As you know, Facebook is world’s largest social networking site with 1.82 billion users. This is a great opportunity to make money using Facebook with such a huge user-base of Facebook.

This is a step by step all in one guide to teach you exactly how to make money by promoting products on Facebook. There is no limit on how much you can make. It will all depend on your efforts that whether you will make hundreds of dollars of thousands of dollars.

What exactly we are going to discuss in this post-

  • How to make money using Facebook.
  • Selling digital products on Facebook and making huge profit.
  • Best affiliate market place to choose digital products.
  • Creating powerful advertisement that people will click.
  • Generating highly targeted traffic from Facebook to buy digital products.
  • Using Facebook ads efficiently.


How to make money using Facebook

If you are into internet marketing, then you must be familiar with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply selling something online using a specific link, which is your referral link and getting commission on sale of that product from that particular link.

This is what we would be using to make money using Facebook. Amazon is world’s biggest affiliate market place. There are lots of eCommerce sites who use affiliate marketing to make lot of money using amazon.

But the key is digital products. People are spending more and more money on digital products like eBooks, e-course, software, video or audio course etc.

This is a great time to make profit by selling digital products and making massive amount of money. Al-thought, there are plenty of ways to promote digital products but in this post I will discuss most easiest and effective method to do that. It is using most popular social media site Facebook. How to make money using Facebook.

There are lot of affiliate marketplace you can choose. You will get almost any type of product to promote.

Top affiliate market places to choose digital products-


Click bank is one of the largest affiliate marketplace for digital products. You can find almost any type of digital product on any topic. Whether it is eBook, software, video or audio course.

Click-bank also provide good commission on every sale. Average commission on each product is 50%. It can be as high as 75% for some products.


JVZoo is also a great market place for digital product. It also have large collection of digital product on every subject possible. Ebooks, e-course, software etc.

JVZoo provides 50% commission on every product sold by your referral link.

How to promote promote digital products using Facebook-

#1. Create an affiliate account.

You can simply go to click-bank or JVZoo site and signup for free seller account.

#2. Select a good quality product to choose.

Click-bank and JVZoo have lots of digital products. Products like eBooks, video course, software, audio etc. Choose a type of product that can provide value and solve problems of people.

Like an app building software which helps non-programmers to create app without any coding.This is a type of product that any one would love to buy as everyone don’t know coding.

Do your own research and find out which topic is more profitable and demanding at the same time. Research the product and make sure product is valuable.

You can see there are plenty of product to choose.

make money using facebook


#3. Create an ad using your referral link

You would be allotted a unique referral code for that product. You will get commission if anyone buys that product using your referral code.

Now, here comes the difficult part. You have to promote this link to make sale and avail commission. Referral code is not enough to attract people and make them click on your referral code.

You need to build a attractive ad to make people click on it.


#4. Promote your ads

You may be thinking that promoting your chosen product is difficult. Yes, it is difficult to promote your product to highly targeted audience in other platforms, but it is not true with Facebook.

It is damn easy to promote almost any type of product on Facebook. Facebook has over 1.82 billion users. It is a best place you can choose to promote.

Steps to promote Facebook ad-

#1.Create a Facebook page-

Create a great looking Facebook page. Make sure page is related to product you want to promote. If you want to promote watches then choose a name like “beautiful watches”.

#2.Post advertisement using your referral link-

Choose a product you want to promote. If you choose to promote a digital product from clickbank, you will see a page like this.

Copy the referral link(Copy first one for Facebook) of your product and paste it on your page. It will automatically generate the advertisement. Al-thought, you can edit your advertisement later.

make money using facebook

Copy and paste the first code into your Facebook page. Ad will be generated automatically similar to following image.

make money using facebook

Choose attractive images and write description about the product so that it can grab the attention of users. When someone click on your advertisement, it will directly take them to sales funnel.

You can add more similar images and write a description about the product. Like in this image, I have promoted a app-builder. When someone click on this advertisement it will automatically redirected to sales funnel.

Make sure your advertisement is attractive otherwise you may not get clicks on it.

Like you can see below the changes I have made. Writing a good description and images are key elements to grab attention of audience.

make money using facebook

#3. Promote your advertisement-

Just posting the advertisement is not enough. Nobody gonna see your advertisement until you boost your product using Facebook advertisement program. Facebook can provide you highly targeted customers.

Select the option to boost the post. You will see the screen like this.

make money using facebook


Choose the location. If you want to sell some type of software then choose some tech concentrated locations like Dublin or Montreal.

Choose the interest of people you want to target. Like in this image I am offer an app-builder, so I will choose the interest like Computer programming, mobile application development, digital marketing, tech etc.

Choose the age and budget. Facebook charge very little amount of money. With just $2, your advertisement can be seen by nearly 2000 targeted audience.

Choose the budget that you find suitable. But budget should be more then $10.

This is all you have to do to promote products and make money using Facebook. It is very simple, if you spend time and make some efforts then you will definitely going to get results.

Facebook has made advertising much easier and we should leverage the power of Facebook to make lot of money. There are many others ways to make money by selling digital products. That I will cover in coming posts, so stay tuned if you want some of the most profitable business model to make money online.

If you have any questions you can ask in comment section.


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