If you do lot of online transactions, then you probably have heard about cryptocurrency. It is a digital currency in which encryption technique is use to regulate new coin and verify transactions.

Cryptocurrency is decentralized. It means that it is not regulated by government and no banks are involve during transaction or creation.

Its value depend on regulation of coins. If lot of transactions are happening using any cryptocurrency, then there will be rise in price of each coin.

So, how you can take advantage of cryptocurrency. Finding the right cryptocurrency to invest taking in consider its market and circulation. Its difficult to find right cryptocurrency to get maximum ROI.

In this post I am going to tell you about top five cryptocurrencies which can provide you maximum profit in the coming years.

Al-thought, it is not guaranteed that cryptocurrencies described below will rise in price but there is 99% chance that these cryptocurrencies will go through drastic rise in value considering market and circulation.



#1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency of the world. It is a decentralized currency which is base on block chain technology.

Bitcoin was first introduced in 3rd January, 2009 with the initial value of $0.008. It grew 1000% in its value in first five days from $0.008 to $0.08.

Its price reached $31 after one year. Its price kept on increasing years after years as circulation increased and now its price is around $900-$1300.

People who invested in bitcoin at that time are now experiencing more then 10000% ROI.

In coming years expected value of bitcoin is more then $2000. Al-thought, there is no guarantee for that but probability is 99% . Many cryptocurrency experts believe that its value will be more then %5000 in coming years.


 #2. Ethereum

After bitcoin, most popular cryptocurrency is ethereum. It was first introduced in august 2015 with initial value of $2.83. After one year its value increased to $13.

Its current value is around $58.

Based on circulation and market, its value is going to increase in coming years.

#3. Rubycoin

Rubycoin is also a decentralized cryptocurrency based on blockchain  technology. It was first introduced in 24 march, 2014 with initial value of $0.001165. Its value jumped to $0.200988 within one year.

Its current price is $0.32093815 per coin. Market capital of rubycoin is $7,739,681.


#4. Dash

Dash is also a cryptocurrency on blockchain technology which is use for private transaction. It was release in 20th feb, 2014 with initial value of $1.07.

Its current price is $21.6 with market capital of $565,306,828.

#5. Adscash

Adscash is newly release cryptocurrency which is build specially for advertising industry. It was launched on 5th April, 2017 with initial value of 3.4 cents.

Adscash is based on blockchain technology and it will reshape online advertising industry. Adscash even provided bonus of 100 coins for every signup during prelaunch period.

Expected value of adscash is $10 in next few years. It is best available investment that can give you 1000x ROI.

#6. Litecoin

Litecoin is also a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology which is alternate of bitcoin. It was stared in October 7, 2011 by former google employee.

It has current value of around $14 with total market capital of $730,792,776 .


#7. Monero

Monero is decentralized cryptocurrency released in April, 2014. Current price of monero is $20-$24 with market capital of around $311,252,217.

It focus more on privacy and security of transaction. Most important feature of monero is anonymity. You may be thinking that bitcoin is also decentralized, but all transactions of bitcoin can be seen by public.

By providing your wallet address to someone, he would be able to see all transactions you have done.

Monero has the true anonymity.



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